Yoga for movement and a healthy life

Here’s the bad news: as you age, your body becomes less flexible, less stable, slower, weaker, and less competitive in endurance. With age you lose elasticity in muscle, fascia, and (as you can see in a mirror) skin. This results in generally less flexibility, which can translate to instability and stiffness. Sarcopenia (muscle loss) and osteopenia (bone loss) are common aspects of aging. Both can contribute to less strength, speed, and endurance. While it does get harder to build muscle with age, it’s not impossible, and it’s never too late. Exercise and yoga help you maintain the muscle mass you have and continue to add more. Whether you suffer from osteopenia may have as much to do with genetics and gender as it does with your physical activity level, but movement and weight-bearing exercises keep bones healthier for longer.

Bel is a Mum of 2 leading a very busy life.  She has a corporate job and runs her own Kinesiology and business, so has always struggled to find time for herself.  Yoga Coaching has been perfect for her as it works around her time schedule rather than the other way around, she can do it at home and yet its still like having a personal trainer/coach in her living room.





Yogi-fit is what I like to call this. Its is all about using Yoga to feel and get Fit. There are a few misconceptions here so I want o clear them up.

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1.  You need to be flexible to do yoga? - Absolutely not! Flexibility is a by product of Yoga and not a thing you need to do yoga.

2.  Yoga doesn't raise your heart rate enough to get you fit - Not true, yoga can totally be  a cardio workout its all about how its taught.  Not only does it raise your heart rate but its stimulating blood flow and oxygenation so keeping us looking young and vibrant!!

3.  The combination of the breathing in Yoga, and the movements really make this an holistic approach to staying fit as we age. The movements can be linked together and when taught well, really are low impact on the body and joints, but increase and build strength not only in the large muscle groups but using the small muscle groups to support and tone the body. You get strong look lean and your posture improves dramatically.  Yoga utilisess all different muscles throughout the entire body, and yet yoga is something you can still be practicing when your 90.  

Invest in yourself - choose a coaching package that suits you.

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YogiFit COACHING Package 1- The desire to create change 

Starting out on your journey and looking for a new path, accountability, a program to suit where you are at and move you forward then the bronze package is a great place to start. 

  • Health Assessment

  • 4 week Yogi Fit program booklet with specific exercises

  • 4 week postures focusing program on strength, core strength, and agility

  • Nutrition plan

  • Measurement tracker

  • 4 weekly private online 15 minute consultations to keep you on track with your goal.

  • A session on creating goals and how to achieve them

  • Daily emails to keep you accountable to your program

Investment into your health $120



yogifit coaching package 2 - Goal focused

Build strength, agility, better immune system and a strong routine 

 Maybe you have been trying hard to get your fitness and health regime on track but it still isn't quite there.  You are aware something needs to change, but you cant quite put your finger on it.  You need a personal Health and Wellness Coach - Me.

  • Health Assessment Goal consultation eg weight loss, healthy aging, getting out of a rut!

  • 6 weeks Personal Yoga Fit Coaching program structured exactly to achieve your goals

  • 2 x weekly private one on one sessions on increasing fitness strength agility all low impact.

  • Core strength and posture focus 6 week Training program

  • Breathing techniques to keep you on track and teach you about the importance of oxygenation for longevity

  • Nutrition habit coaching Nutrition Plan

  • Measurement tracker

  • Accountability through coaching and daily emails to keep you on track. A step by step guide to staying on your path.

Investment into your health $600


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yogifit coaching package 3 - yoga and fitness become your life.

you have a solid morning routine and ritual your life is changed and there is no going back.

  • Health Assessment and goal setting with a map to success in place

  • 6 months Personal Yoga Fit Coaching program = 2 x weekly private one on one sessions on increasing fitness strength agility .

  • Core strength and posture focus specifically redesigned fortnightly to increase your technique and level.

  • Breathing techniques to keep you on track and get your immune system strong

  • Nutrition habit coaching,

  • Nutrition Plan, Measurement tracker accountability and daily check ins to get your results and achieve success.

  • Weekly 15 minute online reviews of goals to see what might need tweaking

  • Accountability through coaching and daily emails to keep you on track.

  • A step by step guide to staying on your path.

Investment into your health $1450




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