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Its private tuition, teaching you how to do the Asanas correctly whilst in the comfort of your living room.  No driving to a class and feeling rushed as its taken half your day to get there and back.  Then as its one on one its all focused around you and your needs, personally taught by Amber who has 20 years experience of teaching a big variety of clients.


It all started when...    I REALIZED WE ALL NEED A MENTOR!

Going to classes is of course important and I love teaching classes,  I love the group energy and environment.  But I realized that there was a real need for people to have one on one instruction and to meet the individual exactly where they are at, to become a mentor for them,  You learn so much from one on one classes, the intensity and the fact that the teacher is just working with your body and your needs.

Why do I need a Yogi Mentor

Having a teaching mentor is an important part of your development as a yogi. I could have called this a coach but I feel Mentor is better. Regardless of how long you’ve been doing yoga, it’s critical to have a teacher from whom you can learn and grow. One that you feel comfortable with and knows his or her craft very well and has been a mentor to a variety of students.

  I also realized that people are BUSY, no one has much spare time anymore, and this was causing people to not go to class.  They were either unsure how to practice at home or just not motivated so their yoga practice died.  This is when I became passionate about teaching online.  30 minute classes where there is a teacher who will teach you but also keep you accountable to showing up. 

You know what it works soooo well!!!  I love it.  Its perfect for the busy Mum the corporate person that arrives home tired and cant be bothered, the tradie that should go after work, anyone really.

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