5 Reasons to Practice Sun Salutations every morning.

Sun Salutes

Sun Salutes

5 Reasons to Practice Sun Salutations every morning.

Sun salutations

I just love sun salutations.  For me they can be a bit like going for a jog, doesn’t always feel great when I start but once Im going I love it.I realise that not everyone feels the same way though, infact some people really dont like doing them. 
Well here is why you need to fall in love with the Salute to the Sun.
The Sun salutations can be a complete pracitec.  I often say in class, if you do nothing do 3 sun salutes a day and this will keep your body limber and ready to tackle the days events. The poses lengthen and strengthen, flex and extend many of the main muscles of the body whilst distributing prana flow throughout the body.

Sun Salutations serve as meditation in movement, reducing depression, anxiety and stress while building mental focus, concentration and deep breathing.
Sun Salutations link movement with breath – vinyasa. We experience how the extension of the spine relates to the pranic pattern of the inhale and how the exhalation’s apanic movement correlates to the folding and deepening into a posture.

  1. They Awaken the spine and rejuvenate the whole body.

  2. Increase blood flow and aid a good digestive system.

  3. Improve your cardio fitness

  4. Relieves Stress.

  5. Increases a deep breath and a feeling of gratitude

    So my advice practice 3 daily and you will learn to love your morning Sun Salutations.

    When performing the movements, try to focus on coordinating one breath with one pose. This is a 12 breath/12 movement routine with poses that can be modified as needed.

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